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Open Gym

Come one, come all

Pennsylvania Strength was created by and for individuals who are passionate about a common interest. New members are always welcome, so get in touch to find out what you need to do in order to join.

Open Gym: $55/month or $150/3 months or $400/1 year

*24 hour access available upon request and agreement!

Yes, a real gym! When people say "I'm going to the gym", do they mean it? Are they really going to a gym? We doubt it. They may be going to the spa, fitness center, "Y", athletic club, studio, box, etc., but the gym is a stretch! We are the friendly neighborhood gym that cannot be compared to any other fitness product in the area. As the oldest "gym" on the block, we are proud to welcome you into our friendly, personable, less intimidating and highly productive workout environment! We understand the difficulties that accompany long term exercise commitments. We offer shorter term memberships because we are confident in the product that we have been offering for over 20 years. Still "on the fence" about selecting your home for everything fitness? Not sure if we are right for you? Give us a shout! We might look like a Beast, but we sure are Beautiful on the inside! "It's a beautiful day to go to the gym!"

We are exactly that - a gym. We have a “Rocky style” edge to our facility which is used to motivate your every workout session. This is a facility for BOTH men and women looking to achieve great fitness results. We guarantee that you, like all the men and women that are presently training here, will be much more than just a monthly membership fee to us! We will get to know everything we need to know about you to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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