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Boxing: $109/month membership unlimited (open gym included)
Boxing: $89/month membership 1 class/week (open gym included)
Boxing: $300/ 4 month membership.
Open Gym: $55/month or $350/13 months

Pennsylvania Strength (MAC Gym) is a Private Member Association (PMA). We operate outside of the public! We Do NOT participate in any public emergency, and operate strictly under our private association bylaws.

Personal Training Lessons Membership: $144 (4 lessons)


No Public Access

Please read our Privacy Policy and Membership Terms to become a member.

Selecting the button below and completing the sign-up information to become a member of the Pennsylvania Strength Club and to receive my password, I am agreeing that I have read both the PRIVACY POLICY & MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT.   This action of selecting the button below to sign up serves as my signature of agreement.

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