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Reps & Recovery

Bradford J. Hanes, MS, MBA, LPC NCC

               Community Advocate and Recovery Coordinator

Brad has been part of the MAC and Pennsylvania Strength Team for nearly 5 years.  His personal, educational, and work experience has led him on a journey to enrich others lives through growth of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  As a longtime member of the recovery community and psychotherapist Brad brings an added dimension to our programs.  In addition to Pennsylvania Strength, Brad is currently a Program Director with Merakey Behavioral Health’s Duel Diagnosis program.

R&R Mission
The development of courage, confidence and character through exercise and a sense of community.
Developed from experience and need, R&R primary purpose is to carry the message of goodwill through
community, healthy activity, and spirituality. Grounded in a holistic approach to growth of individuals
mind, body and spirit R&R is open to the community on a donation only basis. Experience and wisdom
have taught R&R that every individual regardless of age, race, sexual identity, religion, lack of religion or
socio-economic status is struggling with something. Accordingly, those struggles, and hardships are the
pathways to peace and personal development. Through community and a sense of belonging, R&R assists
individuals in their recovery journey and personal growth through fitness and support in a safe and
healthy environment. Outcomes are measured simply by one’s ability to live and enjoy life with a sense
of belonging and wellbeing.

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