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Pennsylvania Strength

PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC Gym) PMA, Life Enhancement Agreement- Associate Membership Agreement


Whereas I, [Name] _________________________________________________ for membership fee paid, do hereby apply for associate membership in PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC GYM), PMA for the following membership period _____________________.  I accept the offer to become an associate member of PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC Gym), PMA and give my oath that I am joining of my own free will and am competent to make judgments and handle my own affairs with no mental handicaps. Furthermore, I have read and agree with the following from the Preamble [declaration of purpose] and Article the First of the Articles of Organization.



Pennsylvania Strength (MAC Gym), PMA




In order to collectively and individually protect the rights, given by God, to the People of the PMA, and their posterity, we do declare the following rights and ordain and establish this Constitution for the Private Association, that shall be called "

Pennsylvania Strength (MAC Gym) (hereinafter called the Association)."


Article the First

Declared Rights:


This PMA and all members thereof are entitled to all the rights of all men, Sui Juris, in the Constitution of Pennsylvania. The members and associate members also have the right to stand on any right in the 50 American Republican States; and


This PMA also declares that the members shall have the right to do all things that any man, Sui Juris, may do, including providing protection of rights for other members; and


Desired Ends and Objectives


  1. Provide all members and associate members the ability to carry out all lawful, private interest, privately.

  2. Provide a private platform for members to make claims against any actors which would breach the common rights of the members or the rights of the association.

  3. To protect immediate members and their families from any tyrannical acts that may infringe upon the rights of free People.

  4. To encourage members and associate members to engage in the biblical principles of producing food, wealth, freedom, financial, and spiritual abundance.

  5. To partake in any other activities that may be deemed necessary and proper to the furtherance of the desired ends and objectives of the Association, as long as the actions are not unlawful under the common law nor things that would infringe on the rights of others; and



WHEREAS, the people are free and have the right to contract and the freedom of association, the nature of our activities are in the private domain only.


WHEREAS, the Trustees do have the right to cancel or terminate memberships at any time.


WHEREAS, the Association will recognize any person who is in accordance with the above mentioned principles and policies and provide them an atmosphere where he or she may be able to express themselves through exercising constitutional rights, health, education, and be able to share their ideas on how to enhance that experience.


WHEREAS, the members' purpose is to provide the associate members with responsible access to immunity boosting, educational, and spiritual health enhancing activities and other such purposes.




WHEREAS, I understand that the PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC Gym), PMA will provide me with programs and opportunities for constitutional right protection and spiritual and health enhancement activities.


WHEREAS, I understand that some elements of health enhancement and education may be outside of the control of the Association and may be affected by “Acts of God,” or problems with access.


WHEREAS, I understand that health enhancing, preservation, growth and spiritual enhancement can give positive mental experiences and bring people much benefit, yet in all atmospheres there is a chance of injury or unthought of mishaps, and you agree to hold PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC Gym), PMA and any members harmless. You agree to use these services and any programs at your own risk.


WHEREAS, you, as an associate member, agree to notify the membership if you are seeing any negative effects or if you're having any problems with activities.


WHEREAS, the Membership fees will have yearly, daily, or per use membership fees as described below:


YEARLY MEMBERSHIP:   ________________



DAILY MEMBERSHIP:___________________



PER USE MEMBERSHIP: ________________



Witness, this day of _____________, in the year of Our Lord __________________________ I do hereby set my hand, understand, and agree to all the terms and provisions of of associate membership in PENNSYLVANIA STRENGTH (MAC Gym), PMA.


__________________________________________      ___________________

Autograph [signature]                                                                        Date



Printed name:


Phone: _________________________________


Email: __________________________________


Address: ________________________________


I agree this contract began on the date of my joining " Pennsylvania Strength". I declare that by joining this Association and/or the Associations websites and/or social media group(s), I have carefully read the whole of this document and I understand and agree with it.

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