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2 Meal Planning Ingredients For Success- ANTICIPATION and PREPARATION!

Preparation and anticipation of your meals is the key ingredient to healthy eating success! Two mealtimes (feedings) which always stand out to me as extra special and difficult for many to prioritize and remain disciplined by are breakfast and dinner.

The times of these meals may vary from subject to subject depending on lifestyles, work schedules, individual digestive clocks etc. All I can say, generally, is that you should make your best efforts to NOT skip breakfast and always have a plan A and B for dinner. A meal to most means 2 or 3 items eaten over a period of say 30 minutes. That can seem overwhelming to many, with our hectic schedules and daily activities. Let’s instead use the term “feeding” for a hot minute, like we do for fish, birds and most pets. If you are unable to have a sit down meal that’s ok! Just get a little “something” in your belly only taking about five minutes rather than a half hour. That way eating may become a bit more realistic for someone with a small appetite, or someone with a tight schedule. No. Coffee as breakfast is NOT acceptable! Nor is a donut.

A suggestion might be nuts, a banana, even hard-boiled eggs are a super fantastic, but smelly snack! Sometimes I would excuse myself to the bathroom at the workplace with the sole purpose being to smuggle my eggs into a stall where I could easily blend in with the anticipated fragrance that a lavatory supplies. It’s the perfect place to dispense an egg! Sometimes you do whatever it takes to get your nutrients. Sorry for derailing. Let’s get back on track!

Remember a “meal” is a “feeding” and a “feeding” can count as a “meal!” Even if it’s only one item! It’s “points” in my book. It counts towards your healthy daily nutrient intake (macro’s – I hate that term!) and you now accomplished something big. You didn’t skip a meal! Remember something else, you can always make up for the disproportionate nutrient content of the small feeding at a later date. Example; if the food you just ate had very little, or no protein content, just add some extra protein to your next meal to compensate! That simple.

Anticipate your meals (feedings) way ahead of time! That’s the only way to succeed! Something small is better than nothing at all, unless you’re eye-balling that Twinkie in the vending machine! Be smart about it!

If you don’t have an appetite first thing in the am, it’s ok! Drink a LARGE glass of water, wait an hour, then eat! Water first thing in the am is like magic. It serves many purposes and is highly underrated. I slam 32 oz. as soon as my feet hit the floor!

Lastly, let’s look at the dinner situation. This is where most fail. Why? Because of they didn’t ANTICIPATE future meals. They haven’t eaten for six to eight hours and nobody thought ahead of time to make the romaine salad and the medallions of veal with a side of basmati rice. You’re famished at this point, and if you aren’t already set up and meal planned, you’re asking for bad things man…bad things! There needs to be a backup plan. At a minimum have some veggies already sliced in the fridge, but don’t think! Do NOT Think! Do not negotiate! This is the time you need to be disciplined. Stay focused on those veggies. Start eating them immediately! Within 15 to 20 minutes you will begin to feel a huge void in your belly quickly become satisfied. It takes the “edge off” of your devilish cravings of closet binging and it will prevent you from cheating on your spouse! Ooops…I mean your diet, my apologies!

This may sound funny to you, but I am already thinking about my next feeding during my present meal! Now that’s anticipation! Ask anyone that knows me. They laugh, but I talk about my lunch menu selection after I’ve just ordered breakfast!

Trust me when I say, “The above examples are some of the best ways to prevent your own personal public relations eating disasters!” Is that an oxymoron? (personal public!) Anyhow, that’s some food for thought, or should I say thoughts for some food! I am such a loser. -CJD #dingding

*The above is merely a suggestion, an example for the “average” individual and certainly not the only means for success. I could go on for weeks regarding this topic and it’s alternatives! If you are an athlete, or someone of a bit more advanced training level, your requirements will differ.

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